About Me

Hello, thank you for visiting icandysnap! My philosophy is simple- SEE.SNAP.SHOW!

My goal is to capture those special, meaningful moments and turn them into a memorable piece of art. Through my style of photography, I can provide you with expressive photographs that document and preserve you and your loved ones lives. I see the true beauty in everyone and everything...and my objective is to freeze that special moment in time and turn it into a work of art you will be able to look back at.

We only live once, so seize and capture every moment possible. 

Every moment of laughter, surprise, joy, inspiration and love... even the most serious and melancholy moments.

I'm a proud mom of two beautiful girls and by capturing moments of them, is how I found my passion for photography. I bought my first DLSR in 2009 and since that day...I've  snapping away.

The best gift to you, your friends and family is a memory that can last a lifetime.

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icandysnap | San Jose, CA | icandysnap@gmail.com

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